I am an artist, not a writer. My Intent is not to educate, enlighten or inspire but rather to clarify my motivations to myself. I find that when I write down the thoughts and reasons that I take certain paths, it helps me to avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Let's face it, authentic work evolves through a series of mistakes, lessons learned and options eliminated.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hard About

"Hard About" 23"x 22" polished cement & dry pigment on panel
(click to enlarge)

I am still iced in my studio. Thank God my studio is in my home. I started this painting yesterday afternoon and finished it late today. I feel pretty good about it. Sometimes that changes after I have lived with it a few days. This was one of those pieces that almost got scrapped. I gave up on it and with nothing to lose, just started pushing pigment around with a wet paper towel. I forced myself to stop periodically and survey the damage. It is very easy to take things too far and end up with mud. All of the sudden it started to work! This painting definitely took a change of direction halfway through. Thus the title.


  1. Works for me! Nice composition, the red saves it I think!
    Thanks for looking at Cinnamon!

  2. Thanks Marie. I agree, after I added the red, it began to work. I think a composition that is on the verge of failing creates a nice tension.


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