I am an artist, not a writer. My Intent is not to educate, enlighten or inspire but rather to clarify my motivations to myself. I find that when I write down the thoughts and reasons that I take certain paths, it helps me to avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Let's face it, authentic work evolves through a series of mistakes, lessons learned and options eliminated.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


"Remus"  8"x 24" polished cement & dry pigment

I am experimenting with small square tiles created one at a time that can be assembled in many different positions.


  1. I wondered what you were up to! Sounds interesting.

  2. Hi Carole, thanks for dropping by. I haven't been sick or out of town, I just needed some time for reflection and regrouping. I am working on a "tile" series at the moment, we'll see where that takes me.

  3. Nice. Multiples are always a great solution. I keep wanting to go the same route but...never make the time. I love the feeling of fossils that I am getting from this new work.

  4. Hi Mary, nice to hear from you. Thanks, I'm working on a piece where the tiles 12" square. I'll post it soon.

    Hi Pete, thanks for dropping by.


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