I am an artist, not a writer. My Intent is not to educate, enlighten or inspire but rather to clarify my motivations to myself. I find that when I write down the thoughts and reasons that I take certain paths, it helps me to avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Let's face it, authentic work evolves through a series of mistakes, lessons learned and options eliminated.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hard Knock Life

“Hard Knock Life”  24”x 36” polished cement & dry pigment
(click to enlarge)

It continues to amaze me, the more control that I give up, the more things work out.  Trust in that fact can give you the freedom to break old habits and forge ahead.


  1. Gorgeous William! The tile straight seam lines add an interesting conflict to the whole. Your work continues to amaze me.

  2. Lovely piece... the surface is incredible.

  3. Thanks Carole and Jo! I am very appreciative of your comments.

  4. Your words teaches me a lot as well as your works. It surely is amazing to find things work out unexpectedly. As Carole mentioned above, these straight lines work great.

  5. Hi Miki, thank you very much for your comment.


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