I am an artist, not a writer. My Intent is not to educate, enlighten or inspire but rather to clarify my motivations to myself. I find that when I write down the thoughts and reasons that I take certain paths, it helps me to avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Let's face it, authentic work evolves through a series of mistakes, lessons learned and options eliminated.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First Time

Shockabookoo '08 36"x 49" polished cement & dry pigment on panel

I am not sure of my motivation to start a blog. I think that the appeal to me, is that of clarification... an online diary that keeps track of the process of making art. Something that I can look back on to review and remember how I got from here to there. In my experience, I have found that the mere process of organizing and writing down my thoughts leads to increased comprehension and clarity.

I am working with various types of cement mixed with dry pigments and applied mainly to Hardi-board panels. I have purposely chosen to work with nontraditional material in order to facilitate my desire to break away from my previous methods and habits. I know that it is next to impossible to create totally unique imagery, but it is my goal to come as close as I can. I try and let the medium, by its own properties, determine much of the look and feel of the work. Cement is a very flexible medium, it can be poured, molded, stained and even polished to a high gloss. I am free to experiment and learn what the medium has to teach me. If the work begins to feel familiar, I change direction. I am aware of no precedents that would be of undue influence to the development of the work. It is exciting and fresh to venture into uncharted waters where right and wrong do not exist.

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